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Five-Storey Automatic Car Vending Machine Opens in Nashville

Now you can buy your next car from a vending machine… if you happen to be in Nashville. According to Motorburn, online car sales company Carvana has just opened an automated vending machine in Music City offering automobiles to consumers who are looking to pay rock-bottom prices from a dealer with minimal overhead.

Conceived by Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia, the vending machine aims to tap into an existing and growing market for the company, that is to say consumers who purchase cars online and choose the pickup option for delivery of their vehicle. The vending machine takes the concept one step further, changing the pickup location from a dealership to a new five-storey glass structure. 

Once a customer buys a car online from Carvana, the company delivers the vehicle from either of its distribution centres in Atlanta and Dallas to the new Nashville building. Buyers then present themselves at the facility, enter in information on a tablet screen, and receive a three-inch coin that they then drop into a slot. Just as with a real vending machine, gears and platforms move into action and deliver the vehicle! No word on whether you can tilt the machine to loosen up cars that get stuck…