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BMW Teases Concept XM Performance SUV Ahead of Full Reveal

The BMW Concept XM
Photo: BMW
Derek Boshouwers
The hybrid-electric concept vehicle will be presented in full on November 29

Perhaps worried folks might not have noticed the brand’s, um, large nostrils on its latest crop of new models, BMW has teased the upcoming Concept XM performance SUV with a sketched image showing the flared nostrils illuminated.

The image reveals a large, lit-up kidney grille bookended by narrow LED headlights. In what’s a first for BMW, we can also make out roof-mounted LEDs. The bumper is similar to what we’ve seen in recent M models, except that it has small intakes.

BMW’s former CEO Marcus Flasch previously confirmed that the M performance division was working on a unique, stand-alone model (one that wouldn’t be offered by BMW proper), and it’s believed this Concept XM is it.

It’s also believed the model will have roughly the dimensions of an X7, based on camouflaged testers being seen here and there, but with a far sportier look thanks to more-sculpted lines.

Though BMW has yet to confirm specs for the XM, speculation is it will be the most-powerful production vehicle it’s ever made. Reports have the hybrid powertrain getting a twin-turbo V8 engine combined with an electric motor, with total output said to surpass 750 hp.

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