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Leaked Image Shows Off Next-Generation BMW X3

The 2025 BMW X3? | Photo: BMW
  • EPA Category: Luxury compact SUV
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    Daniel Rufiange
    The next-generation BMW X3 is due to be unveiled this year. We'll see at that time what the North American timeline will be.

    •    An image of the next BMW X3 appeared online briefly.

    Over the years, the X3 has become BMW's best-selling model worldwide, taking the title from the legendary 3 Series. It is, to say the least, an important model for the German automaker.

    The current generation arrived on the market for 2018. Simple math tells us that by 2024, it's time for a new model.

    Sure enough, the next X3 is set to be presented by the end of this year. That’s the official presentation, But we've just seen the model appear online, some having apparently erroneously posted an image on a BMW website before yanking it. Too late, because an account by the name of wilcoblok caught the image and shared on their Instagram account.

    The 2025 BMW X3?
    The 2025 BMW X3? | Photo: BMW

    The image shows the new front-end signature, which shows the lines of the grille nostrils arranged both vertically and diagonally.

    The 2025 BMW X3 ?
    The 2025 BMW X3 ? | Photo: BMW

    If you enlarge the image, however, you get a very blurred image, but also the impression of a flat surface. Optical illusion? Some online commenters wondered whether what we’re seeing is actually an iX3, a model being developed on the new Neue Klasse platform, and its styling is set to be different.

    Also visible in the image is a port on the side, which would indicate a rechargeable model.

    BMW is saying nothing official for now. Speculation is thus pointing in a bunch of different directions. So are opinions. Some like the new styling approach, others wonder where BMW is going with this.

    Of course, we'll know more when the model is officially unveiled. Some are talking about the Paris Motor Show, from October 14 to 20.

    Daniel Rufiange
    Daniel Rufiange
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