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GM Asks C8 Owners What They Think of an Electric Corvette

We would expect to see a hybrid version before an all-electric Corvette eventually shows itself Automotive columnist: , Updated:

As the switch to electric picks up pace, in most cases there’s relatively little controversy about the changes being made. Not so, however, in the case of certain performance models. Think of the Porsche 911, any Ferrari, or the Chevrolet Corvette. Now think of them as all-electric cars. Some people can’t get there.  

To many, the idea of such a car without a gas engine and the symphony of sound that comes with it is nigh on inconceivable.

Well aware that any change being brought to the Corvette touches on sensitive nerves among fans, General Motors has been sounding out owners of the current C8 model to learn how they feel about an eventual all-electric version. This is according to online forum Mid Engine Corvette, which reports thar GM has been quite interested in seeing which way the wind is blowing, both for the electric switch and regarding other details.

The responses to the survey actually show a wide range of opinions. Some are embracing the idea and are ready for an electric future, but for others, it’s no way no how. Which is understandable. Still, it’s interesting to see some of the responses that show at least some openness to a fully electrified version of their favourite car., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

Obviously, the sampling size is pretty small, because as popular as the C8 is, there aren’t THAT many in circulation. But still, it’s notable that GM is asking these questions and taking the views of its customers into account. At the least, we know that the automaker is actually pondering developing an electric-powered Corvette.

As for when this might happen, that’s anybody’s guess, and subject to many variables. But we do know the current C8 is going on now two years into its cycle. GM could well decide to produce one last gas-powered Corvette before going electric with it, but that’s just a guess. In the meantime, we also know a partially electrified variant is planned, and it even has a possible name: E-Ray. There’s been talk of a 650-hp output and possibly all-wheel drive.

And if that model is welcomed by fans, that might well open the door to a fully electric Corvette further down the road.