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A Heart-Tugging New Ad from Chevrolet for the Holidays

Chevy sends a timely reminder of what should matter most at this time of year – or at any time, for that matter Automotive columnist: , Updated:

At certain times of the year - like the Christmas season for instance – or when special events pop up on the calendar - like the Super Bowl in the U.S. - auto manufacturers sometimes produce winsome ads designed to, well, bring tears to our eyes.

Such is the case with the latest ad produced by Chevrolet for this year's holiday season. Without revealing too much about it, because the goal is to let you discover and experience it for yourself, we will give you the following spoiler: it features a vintage car, more precisely a 1966 Impala.

Among other things, the ad makes us realize how important the automobile can be in our lives. Whether or not you're a fan of old cars, there's bound to be a model that has marked your life, your childhood. Your parents' car, an uncle's car... or simply your first car.

Because we’re young and we’re busy biting with gusto into life at that moment, we live great – and, yes, not-so-great - moments with our vehicle. It can be so intense and marking that that the sight of one, years later, brings back vivid memories.

And that's very personal to each of us. Let's just say that this year, Chevrolet has struck a chord that will resonate with many., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

On Chevrolet's YouTube page where the ad is posted, you can see that it has already been viewed nearly four million times and that about 2,400 people have taken the opportunity to add a comment.

Go read some of them, it's worth it and it helps to understand the importance of the automobile in the lives of so many.

And on that note, Happy holidays, despite all that we’re collectively going through at the moment.

The '66 Chevy Impala
The '66 Chevy Impala
Photo: Chevrolet