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F1: Red Bull Racing explains reasons behind appeal

Red Bull Racing’s boss Christian Horner revealed the reasons why the team "is extremely confident" that Daniel Ricciardo's RB10 did not break the rules governing fuel flow at the Grand Prix of Australia.

The Red Bull was disqualified from second place after the officials declared that the Renault-powered car had repeatedly exceeded the fuel flow limit of 100kg/hour.

The team immediately announced that they would appeal the decision.

"We are appealing on the grounds that we do not believe, we are extremely confident, that we have not broken the rules, that we haven't exceeded the 100kg/h of fuel that is permitted to be utilised by the car and the engine," Horner told Sky Sports News.

Red Bull Racing’s argument centres on the wording of the FIA's Technical Regulations with Article 5.1.4, stating, "Fuel mass flow must not exceed 100kg/hour".

However, as it does not say that this reading has to come from the FIA's sensor Red Bull feel they can use their own measurements to prove they did not breach the regulations.

"We have a sensor (from the FIA) that is drifting and isn't reading correctly versus a fuel rail that we know is calibrated and we know that hasn't varied throughout the weekend and has subsequently been checked and found to be not faulty and hasn't moved or varied at all since it was installed on the car prior to the weekend.

"Our argument is very simple - that we haven't broken the Technical Regulations. That we haven't exceeded the fuel flow limit and that the sensor, which hopefully we will be able to demonstrate in the appeal, is erroneous,” said Horner to Sky Sports News.