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F1: Red Bull Racing lodges appeal against Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 has now formally appealed Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from second place in the Grand Prix of Australia in Mebourne, March 16.

Ricciardo’s Renault-powered RB10 had been found by the FIA to have 'consistently exceeded the maximum fuel flow of 100kg per hour' during the race.

After the decision of the FIA was released late Sunday night, team boss Christian Horner declared that the FIA fuel sensor was "unreliable" and "immature technology", adding that the team’s own equipment showed that Ricciardo’s RB10 ran within the new-for-2014 fuel flow limits.

Red Bull Racing has now formally completed the process of submitting their appeal to the FIA.

The governing body will now have to set a date for the International Court of Appeal hearing where Red Bull Racing's case will be heard.