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FCA Recalling 300,000 Dodge Darts Over Faulty Transmission Cable

Remember the Dodge Dart? The model was supposed to be a sure-fire success when it returned to the market, but instead it misfired and disappeared from the scene. Sales never took off, in part due to the price tag it came with, which was extravagant for what the car offered.

The second coming of the Dart thus lasted but a few short years.

The model might be gone but it isn’t forgotten. FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has been obliged to issue a recall of 300,000 Dodge Darts due to a potential issue with the automatic transmission.

Photo: Dodge

Specifically, FCA’s recall states that one of the rings holding the transmission cable can give way, causing the cable to detach from the transmission.

"If the shifter cable detaches from the transmission, the vehicle may not perform the shifts performed by the driver. Additionally, despite selecting PARK with the shifter, the vehicle may roll away."

- FCA statement

The company stated that as of March 29, it was not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting form the issue. The recall targets 2013-2016 models.