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FLO and Hydro-Québec Shake Hands to Install 7,500 More EV Chargers in Quebec

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FLO will deliver the new Level 2 chargers to the Hydro-owned Electric Circuit network by 2026 Automotive expert , Updated:
Photo: FLO

The ongoing collaboration between Hydro-Québec-owned charging network Electric Circuit (Circuit électrique) and FLO is expanding further, with the two entities shaking hands to have FLO deliver 7,500 new Level 2 EV chargers to the Electric Circuit network in the province of Quebec by 2026.

The two firms have worked together since 2013, with FLO, a subsidiary of AddÉnergie, having delivered 4,500 chargers to Electric Circuit to date. Of those, around 3,800 are Level 2 chargers and 700 are Level 3 rapid chargers.

“Providing Quebecers and visitors alike with thousands more stations where they can charge their vehicles on the go at thousands of convenient locations is at the heart of Quebec’s plan to electrify our community. As a clean energy transition leader, Hydro-Québec is very proud of this major leap in the right direction towards making our community cleaner and transportation more environmental-friendly.”

- France Lampron, Director of E-Mobility at Hydro-Québec

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In the FLO factory in Shawinigan, Quebec
In the FLO factory in Shawinigan, Quebec
Photo: FLO

Of the 7,500 new Level 2 chargers on their way into the public charging system, about 3,000 are earmarked for curbside stations in the province, another 2,000 will go to servicing Hydro-Québec’s fleet of EVs, and 2,500 will be used by businesses and municipalities.

Note that FLO recently introduced a new Level 2 charger designed for businesses, which can operate at 19.2 kWh, making it the fastest-charging Level 2 charger on the North American market. It’s not known at this time whether those are part of the new contract FLO has entered into with Hydro-Québec.

FLO currently builds its EV chargers at its plant in Shawinigan, Quebec, but it plans to open a first plant in the U.S., in Auburn Hills, Michigan, before the end of this year.

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