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The Ford Bronco Shows More of Itself

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It’s unofficial Bronco week, that in the absence of any actual premieres to report on in connection with Ford’s two upcoming SUVs. The automaker’s long-anticipated Bronco is scheduled to be officially unveiled in the coming months, but the inevitable appearance of spy shots have started to deliver a concrete idea of what it will look like when the veil is lifted.

Next week, Auto123 will be on hand for the technical presentation of the reborn Ford Bronco. Embargoes are to be expected, so we can't say precisely about when we'll be able to share everything with you. But as soon as it's possible, details will pour forth on the model that will be charged with competing versus the Jeep Wrangler... and giving Ford's portfolio a serious – and much-needed - boost.

In the meantime, here's what the Internet brought into the light in the past few hours, in addition of course to the first glimpse we got of the so-called Baby Bronco, the Bronco Sport. This new image is of a four-door model that pretty clearly was photographed at the assembly plant. It looks like a final product here, or at least a model that will be used for testing before official production gets underway.

A pre-production model, in other words.

The off-road focus of the model is clear, for example with it sitting on tires that are more designed for all-terrain than for on-road driving. The just-visible roof looks made of fabric and can evidently be removed, as cans the rear window, which in the photo doesn't look made of glass.

We know that the Bronco will come in a variety of shapes and configurations and that it will be possible, just like with the Jeep Wrangler, to drive it in the open air. Not all details are visible in the images, but it provides a good idea of what we can expect.

Up front, Ford's new 4x4's signature lighting elements are very visible, with LED stripes that almost completely surround the headlights, as well as a horizontal stripe that flanks the Bronco badge in the centre of the grille.

Ford is a lot riding on this vehicle, and what we're seeing so far is promising. We’ll have ot wait a little longer for technical and performance details, however.

Stay tuned.