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Production of the Ford Bronco Will Begin on March 22, 2021

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The Ford Bronco is without a doubt the most eagerly awaited vehicle of the coming year by fans of off-roading SUVs. We already knew it was scheduled to make its debut next spring, but now Ford has gotten more specific: the start of production is set for March 22, 2021.

The information was first relayed by theBronco6G forum dedicated to all things Bronco, and then picked up across the Internet. The model will be assembled exclusively at the company's assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan.

For vehicle reservations, December 7 is the date Ford dealers have circled on their calendars, as they will then be able to order quantities of the Bronco with the manufacturer. Right now, consumers can already visit Ford’s website to configure the new Bronco of their dreams.

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The information discovered by the forum points to production scheduling getting underway on January 14. As well, the vehicles will not necessarily be built in the order in which orders are placed. The choice of a specific colour or particular option, for example, could either advance or delay production. We guess that according to certain choices made by consumers, Ford planners will group together production of certain models with the same configurations.

In the meantime, we should start to see small Broncos on the road pretty soon, as production of the Sport version got underway on October 26th. First deliveries of the model are imminent, and many are watching closely to see how consumers respond to it. While it certainly has appeal, both visual and otherwise, it also is not cheap, and it remains in essence a variant of the Escape, with the exception of the Badlands trim, better equipped for off-road driving.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the Bronco saga.

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