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Ford launches Fully Assisted Parking Aid (+video)

Ford is currently testing a technology called Fully Assisted Parking Aid on a track in Belgium. And it works even with the driver out of the car!

The vehicle uses ultrasonic sensors to scan the area for either diagonal or perpendicular parking spaces at speeds of up to 28 km/h. Then, the driver puts the car in neutral and pushes a button to give the vehicle full control of the steering, acceleration, braking, and guidance systems.

"Imagine you're in a parking garage and the only spot available is too small to open your door," Ford spokesman Scott Fosgard said in an interview to Automotive News. "This would let you get out, and it would park for you. Then when you want to leave, it pulls out and lets you in."

Ford also unveiled a new obstacle avoidance system that automatically brakes and steers to prevent the vehicle from colliding with another or a stationary object. Using three radars, ultrasonic sensors, and a camera to scan the road, the system will detect impending collisions up to 200 metres ahead. It has been tested at about 65 km/h.

Without naming specific models, Ford said it plans to integrate the technology in the future.