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New Ford Maverick Truck Might Get 162-hp Engine, Manual Gearbox

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We know that Ford is working on a new compact pickup truck to be called the Maverick, but beyond that details have been scarce in coming. Which is perhaps not that surprising given that the model with the resurrected nameplate isn’t due before 2022.

However, a new source described as “inside” has just provided a few morsels of information regarding the inner workings of the upcoming small truck to an online forum called Maverick Chat, devoted, you guessed it, to all things Ford Maverick. Here’s what we’ve learned.

First off, the model will be presented initially solely in a four-door format, and feature a bed that’s about two feet shorter than that of the Ford Ranger, depending on the configuration chosen. Motor1 did some math and came up with a likely bed length of between 94 and 124 cm.

Next, though there had been rumours to the effect the Maverick would be placed under the Bronco product banner, that is apparently not so. That may or may not mean the truck won’t be conceived as a rough-and-ready all-terrain vehicle.

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The source stated further that, Ford being unsure just what the potential is for such a model in North America, several components will be borrowed from the mechanics of the Transit Connect van to keep development costs down. These components would include the 162-hp 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, and probably the van’s 8-speed automatic transmission as well (though a manual gearbox will be an option, the source says).

Ford is also said to be planning to bring in the option of boosting output with a 180-hp 1.5L turbo engine once the model is launched.

Lastly, Ford has pencilled in a production run of 100,000 units for the Maverick’s first year on the market. As a comparison, the company sold just under 90,000 units of the Ranger during its first full year on the North American market, in 2019.

Current speculation has the Ford Maverick being presented sometime in 2021, and debuting commercially as a 2022 model.