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Honda Shows Off the Interior of the New 2023 CR-V

2023 Honda CR-V | Photo: Honda
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Daniel Rufiange
Don't expect a revolution with the new CR-V. Honda won't mess much with the formula behind its top seller

The official, ‘Full Monty’ presentation of the new-generation Honda CR-V is fast approaching. The brand's best-selling model is getting its first redesign since 2017, and next month we get to see all.

The company has already shown parts of the exterior design of the model and now it shares an image of the interior. More to the point, we can see the new dashboard in all its glory.

Compared with the dash of the outgoing model, there are several obvious changes – in terms of both design and philosophy.

The steering wheel gets repositioned controls and a modernized design. The driver’s instrument cluster changes considerably as well, and we can guess Honda is going full digital with the new version, at least with the range-topping trims of the CR-V.

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Honda is finally unveiling its next-generation CR-V 2023 SUV.

2023 Honda CR-V, steering wheel, dashboard
2023 Honda CR-V, steering wheel, dashboard | Photo: Honda

As for the air vents, the approach taken with the Civic migrates to the CR-V. Air from the climate control system will be drawn from the centre of the dashboard behind a long, wide grill. Some love it, some not so much, but it is different, and frankly, our eyes tell us it’s pretty successful.

Meanwhile, the space used by the 2022 model’s air vents has been taken up by the multimedia system screen is now located. In this case, we're less convinced, because the older model’s screen was more fully integrated into the central console. Plonking the screen back onto the top of the dash seems a step backward design-wise.

Finally, the other big change concerns the gear selector. First of all, we notice that it remains traditional, which is good news for those who hate the newfangled methods like small levers or rows of buttons. On the other hand, the selector is no longer integrated into the vertical part of the centre console, but rather placed on the horizontal part. Access to the climate controls will certainly be easier because of it.

For the rest, we'll have to wait and see, especially when it comes to rear space, the second row and cargo area seeming not to exist based on what Honda shared yesterday. The current CR-V is very generous with a total cargo volume of 2,146 litres. Will the new edition do better?

All the details will be available in July when Honda officially presents its new model.

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2023 Honda CR-V, multimedia screen
2023 Honda CR-V, multimedia screen | Photo: Honda
2023 Honda CR-V, interior
2023 Honda CR-V, interior | Photo: Honda
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