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Return of the Honda Crosstour?

Let’s be clear, this is pure speculation on our part. The defunct Honda Crosstour, produced for a mere three model-years (2012-2014), never found a significant audience, after all. Built on the same platform as the Accord, it hit the market as a self-styled, more-spacious and more-versatile alternative to the sedan, but its unusual shape discouraged many potential buyers.

But was the Crosstour simply a car ahead of its time? The question merits asking.

Here we are on the eve of 2018, and what have we seen in the industry but the emergence of… hatchback sedans. Right now, on the market, consumers can choose between the following: Audi A5 Sportback and A7 Sportback, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, Chevrolet Volt, Hyundai IONIQ, Kia Stinger, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S. That list is set to grow, what with the Buick Regal Sportback expected soon at dealerships.

The all-new, tenth-generation 2018 Honda Accord is already considered a success, and since the Japanese automaker deemed it worthwhile to bring back a hatchback version of the Civic to the Canadian market, why not do the same with its bigger sibling?

Of course, we’re not recommending, and we wouldn’t expect, the resuscitation of the Crosstour as it existed back then, but the thought of a newly-conceived hatchback version of the Accord is an intriguing one. It would have to retain its sedan silhouette and avoid the mistake made with the Crosstour, which was to bring it physically closer to a crossover by imposing a corpulent posterior on it. A whole new car – sportier and more high-end in the style of the Stinger, for example – would be even better.

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