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Nissan Working on Next-Gen GT-R and Z

The two models have remained unchanged in our market for over 10 years Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Nissan’s current 370Z and GT-R models are among the oldest to be found on the North American market, which is not all that surprising from an automaker whose Titan pickup truck was last renewed 15 years ago.

The company confirmed this week that the next editions of its two sports models are currently in development. Beyond that, it was stingy on details.

According to Ivan Espinosa, head of product planning at Nissan, fans of the model “can expect something soon”. Speaking with Autocar magazine at the Tokyo Motor Show, he added that he couldn’t say more, and then said more:  

“(The 370Z and GT-R are) at the heart of Nissan and we are actively looking at and working on them. Nissan is about exciting cars.”

- Ivan Espinosa, head of product planning at Nissan

2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition
2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition
Photo: Nissan

The executive had nothing specific to say about the GT-R, but he did say the company was still undecided about whether to take the Z electric or not. Some at the company remain unsure if an electric sports car reflects what consumers in the category want.

To which we humbly reply with a suggestion: Why not produce both gas-powered AND electric versions? Just sayin’.

Rumours are circulating that the company is similarly torn regarding the GT-R. An electric powertrain is being considered, but so is a hybrid configuration. There’s also speculation that the next generation of the model is on track to be ready in 2027, which seems much too far off in our view.
For fans of the two sporty Nissans, the wait thus continues. But at least we know the company is working on something new for both of them.

They can always change their minds, of course. Such is the reality of the current automotive landscape.

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