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Popular Used Sports Car Checks

There’s plenty of summer left—and you might finally be researching that new-to-you sports-car to add to your driveway or garage. Once you choose the model you love, your days will be filled with exciting drives, plenty of quality-time spent cleaning and waxing, and countless motoring memories.

That is, if you find a model that’s been well taken care of-- and not one that’s setting up to blow a lot of parts and turn in numerous expensive repair bills. After all—sports cars are machines that will wear down and require some TLC from time to time, and finding a used model that’s been treated to that TLC is an all-important factor in long-term enjoyment instead of long-term frustration.

With that used sports car comes numerous concerns and requirements you should be aware of. Tires, brakes and clutches tend to take more abuse on sports cars than your average minivan. Many models on the used market will have been modified, too. Your favorite mechanic can help ascertain the condition and shape of the used sports car you’re considering with a quick an inexpensive pre-purchase check.

Ahead of that, here’s a list of some of the hottest used sports-car buys on the road today, what they offer, and what issues existing owners have been reporting