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Volvo Recalls EX30 SUV to Fix Software Problem

Volvo EX30 2025 | Photo: Volvo
  • EPA Category: Luxury subcompact SUV
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    Daniel Rufiange
    This is the second such glitch for the little EX30, the company's popular electric recruit.

    •    Volvo is recalling its new small electric SUV, the EX30, over a software problem.

    Another example of the inevitable ups and downs automakers live through: Days after proudly announcing the start of North American production of its new EX90 SUV, Volvo is issuing a recall of its other new electric model. The EX30 is being recalled due to a software problem, one which concerns all of the 72,000 or so units manufactured to date.

    The speedometer on the central display could switch to test mode when the vehicle is started up. The good news is that the problem can be corrected by an update over the air.

    Volvo EX30 2025, intérieur
    Volvo EX30 2025, intérieur | Photo: D.Boshouwers

    The Volvo EX30 is new, so this kind of problem is, if not “normal”, to be expected. On the other hand, this is the second time that a software problem has affected this model, which is manufactured in China.

    Software glitches seem to be a trend at Volvo, but also across the industry. Volvo also experienced similar problems with the EX90.

    Let's hope for the sake of the Swedish automaker that its EX30 doesn't experience too many problems; it has proven popular since its launch, due to its small size no doubt, but above also because of its relatively affordable price. The model has already climbed to third place in terms of sales of all-electric models in Europe, sitting second only to Tesla' Model Y and Model 3, according to Dataforce market research data.

    The vehicle is attracting enough interest that it could set a world sales record for Volvo this year.

    By the end of May, the company had seen its worldwide sales jump by an impressive 41,242 units. Of these, 35,309 were attributable to the new EX30.

    Daniel Rufiange
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