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Subaru Recalling Some 2021 Impreza Cars Over Suspension Issue

Subaru is recalling certain 2021 Impreza models over a suspension issue, and the announcement comes with an important warning: don’t drive the vehicle until it is repaired. The campaign affects both the sedan and 5-door versions.

In total, only 802 models are involved, and only 86 of those are in Canada. Obviously that's not very many, but the potential seriousness of the problem makes this small-scale recall worth immediate mention.

The recall documents specify that affected Imprezas "may be fitted with a left front lower control arm with an improper weld near a connection joint between the lower control arm and the crossmember”. This faulty weld could cause the suspension arm to separate from the crossmember while the vehicle is being driven.

According to Subaru, if the weld fails, “the tire could contact the wheel well, resulting in a loss of control”. Serious, indeed., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

Depending on where such a situation occurs, this could obviously lead to an accident with unfortunate consequences. Subaru's investigation showed that the assembly line equipment responsible for the suspension arm was damaged, which eventually caused interference with the welding torch, causing it to perform its weld in the wrong place and incompletely.

This is why not all models are affected. Affected units are identified by the lot number of the potentially defective suspension arm. Subaru knows which Imprezas might have it, so it is recalling specifically potentially affected units. The letters that will be sent to owners are going out by mail today, September 3. If the suspension component is found to be defective, Subaru will replace it with a new one.

Once again, until the recalled Imprezas are repaired, Subaru is asking owners not to drive them.