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Top 10 Diesel Vehicles in Canada in 2019

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Vincent Aubé
Behold an increasingly endangered species in Canada

It’s become a virtual no-no to whisper the word diesel in polite company since the Dieselgate scandal exploded in and around Volkswagen in the fall of 2015. Powertrains running on diesel never quite attained the heights here that they reached in Europe, but still, many North Americans appreciated the undeniable benefits they conferred, especially when it came to saving on visits to the pump.
In 2019, even as environmental restrictions have gotten progressively more strict, and though electric powertrains continue to develop and gain favour, a sizable fraction of the market remains loyal to diesel on this side of the Atlantic. We decided to do a rundown of the models that still make use of the technology first developed by Rudolf Diesel.

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Nissan Titan XD

Sitting at the halfway point between 1500 pickups and HD trucks, the Nissan Titan XD is the only model on this list to be powered by an 8-cylinder engine. The turbodiesel V8 comes from the catalogue of Cummins, a company that simply needs no introduction in the truck domain.

Nissan Titan XD
Nissan Titan XD | Photo: Nissan
Vincent Aubé
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