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Top 10 Most-Anticipated 2016 Cars

So many cars! So many new cars and trucks to look forward to! The auto show season is in full swing, which means we are visually sampling what the 2016 model year has in store for us -- that is, if we haven’t already reviewed the cars. 

The crossover segment, much like the performance car segment, is already abuzz with a number of new entries. There are new luxury cars, pickups, and even a station wagon! We’re so happy!

One thing is clear and certain: we auto critics have lotsa work ahead of us to bring you all the latest driving impressions (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and y’all will have many news car to chose from when the time comes for you to buy. Auto-journo-God knows that we won’t be able to afford any of them…

Mercedes-AMG GT
We’ve already reviewed this one (Alex, that lucky girl) but the remainder of us want to sample that angry 510-horsepower snarling V8! Designed to take on the Porsche 911, the GT uses some of the best elements from the SLS and takes them to a whole other level of performance. 

Mazda MX-5
The ND generation Miata promises an unmatched driving experience. With less weight and slightly smaller in size, gushing reviews of this car are to be expected. The 2.0L 4-pot will generate more than enough power to make the new MX-5 gutsy and spirited for jaunts in the country or for track days. 

Volkswagen Golf Alltrak wagon 
If only because it is likely to sport a TDI engine and AWD, all the while wrapped in a station-wagon body… I will get one, um, I will get one… Think about it: German styling, handling, fit and finish with AWD, and possibly a diesel engine, and possibly a 6-speed manual ‘box… 

Cadillac ATS-v
I don’t think Cadillac has been this desirable as a brand since the early ‘70s… Anything “V” gets us dreaming of fast lap times and burnouts. Yeah, Cadillac! It’s all there: a 6-speed manual transmission, AWD, 450 horsepower, and looks that can kill. Yeah, Cadillac!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
Now, if any car’s got enthusiasts foaming at the mouth at the moment it’s the GT350. This is likely the most anticipated test drive of the 2016 MY. The stats are enough to make a grown man cry and bring the competition to doubt what they brought to the table for playtime. 500 horsepower will do that… 

Audi TT
The TT created a segment and a look, and the 2016 model builds on that. Our boy Vinnie already got to drive it earlier this year, lucky dog. The upped 2.0 TFSI engine’s extra oomph mated to Audi’s masterful Quattro AWD system and a 6-speed S tronic ‘box make for a fab driving machine. 

Jaguar XE
The new XE brings with it modern technology and hopefully a large dose of what makes the F-Type one of the greatest performance coupes currently available.  A 335 supercharged 3.0L V6 will make the rounds, however, a diesel and the estate won’t… Either way, Jag’s on a roll and we’re in. To be fair, the XE only arrives in the spring 2016 as a 2017... We didn't want to wait any longer to talk about it.

Mazda CX-3
The moment this compact CUV hits showrooms, we’re betting line-ups will have formed already. So much win in such an awesome package.  We expect the new CX-3 to be peppy (expect 155 hp 2.0L engine) and economical thanks to SKYACTIV technology. This, plus it looks great. Another Mazda homerun. 

Nissan Titan diesel
The battle for a piece of the full-size pickup market may grow for the Titan for 2016. The arrival of a diesel option will make it the 2nd to be offered as such and likely hoist itself up in the eyes of truck buyers. It will not, however, dethrone the Big 3; but it’ll put some hurt on the Tundra that, rumour has it, may also eventually offer a similar powerplant. 

Volvo XC90
The new XC90 has become the remaining Swedish auto company’s calling card, a flagship, and a technical showcase. We can’t wait to find out how good it is. The 400 hp T8 plug-in hybrid version is the one we’ll be looking most forward to testing. The promise of having the cake and eating it too seems to be a reality with this CUV, what with impressive acceleration and ultra-low emissions.