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Top 10: Vehicles Offering the Best Value in 10 Categories in 2020!

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Vincent Aubé
We pick the best car buys in each segment for 2020

Once again this year, Auto123’s intrepid Vincent Aubé wades in to prickly waters to determine which vehicles, in his view, represent the best value for consumers on the market.

This exercise is certainly not easy, and despite the absence of the vast majority of vehicles from our list of the best values on the market, it’s important to remember that we live in an era where competition is so fierce between automakers that virtually every new vehicle on display at a new-car dealership offers very good value.

You may notice that some of the categories are different this year compared to last. One big reason for that, obviously, is that the ever-growing popularity of SUVs has compelled us to reorganize certain of those categories.

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Best sub-compact vehicle: Hyundai Venue

| Photo: Hyundai

Last year, I awarded top prize for best value in the subcompact car category to the Hyundai Accent. This year, as mentioned above, I’m merely following what the market is dictating. Consumers – and thus the industry – are turning more and more to utility vehicles, and the little Venue is one of the most recent manifestations of that.

| Photo: Hyundai

The SUV actually sits on the same platform as the Accent. And it uses the same powertrain. It also benefits from lots of standard equipment for such an affordable vehicle, which is pretty much the standard m.o. for Korean automakers these days!

Our review of the 2020 Hyundai Venue

Vincent Aubé
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