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A Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible on the Drawing Board

Sketch of a Volkswagen ID.3 convertible | Photo: Volkswagen
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Daniel Rufiange
If a convertible variant of the ID.3 were to come about, it would be before 2025

The ID.3 is an electric car offered by Volkswagen in Europe, but sadly not in North America. Which is a shame given that it’s Golf-style format would make it a natural fit here. Now, just to twist the knife a little further, we see that a convertible version of the EV has made it at least to the drawing-board stage.

VW executives released two sketches of the all-electric ID.3 without a roof – certainly an interesting twist on an interesting format.

Right now, this brand-new model is only offered in hatchback configuration, but several members of senior management have expressed the wish to see a convertible variant join the lineup.

Ralf Brandstätter, the CEO of Volkswagen's car division, published two sketches of an ID.3 convertible on his LinkedIn homepage. Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess then posted the images on Twitter, so obviously this is not a case of one exec going rogue with an idea. These are official images from Volkswagen, and Herbert Diess confirmed that the project is under study, before asking fans to share their thoughts on the model. This is a trial balloon, in other words.

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Volkswagen ID.3 convertible
Volkswagen ID.3 convertible |

Featuring the same green hue worn by the ID.3 when it was launched, the convertible model loses two doors in addition to its roof, though the short overhangs at the ends, as well as the steeply sloping windshield, remain. However, the sketches do not show the car with the roof up. It’s therefore not known whether it would be equipped with a soft top or a folding hard top. That said, if you’re concerned about reducing weight on an EV, to increase range, the first solution would probably be the one you’d choose.

If the ID.3 convertible does go into production, it could join the Volkswagen lineup before 2025. The big question is whether Volkswagen would dare to bring it here. There’s reason to doubt it would, but the market is new and if the demand is there, nothing is impossible.

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