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Volkswagen to Release a Golf Targa?

Photo: Volkswagen
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We’re all for new and different in the auto industry, truly we are. However, when it comes to vehicles like Nissan’s CrossCabriolet or the Range Rover Evoque convertible, we can’t help but shake our heads in disbelief. 

So, when we stumbled upon’s article on the potential Golf Targa we couldn’t help but scratch our heads and ask, “Why?” 

While Volkswagen has definitely hinted at a soft-top cabriolet version of the Golf emerging for 2017-2018, there’s also speculation that they want to test the public’s attraction to their T-ROC concept targa body style by transferring it to a Golf Targa. 

We’re definitely not entirely sold on the idea, but we know Volkswagen makes a good product, so we’re willing to bet the drive will be good, the engines potent, and if DSG is available we might just be able to overlook the odd exterior dimensions.