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Volvo’s Entire North American Lineup Will be Electrified As of 2023

Volvo XC40 | Photo: D.Boshouwers
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Derek Boshouwers
Starting next year, Volvo will no longer sell models offering only an internal combustion engine

Here’s an electrification plan that doesn’t talk about a 2030 target, or even a 2025 deadline. Volvo plans to have its entire North America lineup consist of hybrid or all-electric models starting… next year. 2023. And by 2023, Volvo actually means later this year, when it intends to stop offering ICE-only models at dealerships.

That won’t actually require a massive leap, since many of the cars and SUVs Volvo currently offers already feature at least a mild-hybrid system. After the S90 and S60 sedans received hybrid systems in their powertrains for 2022, now the XC40 small SUV and the V60 Cross Country get the same treatment. For 2023, the small SUV will get a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that uses a 10-kW motor at strategic moments during a drive to boost torque and improve fuel economy.

In terms of the product offering, the 2023 XC40 will come in two power versions, the B4 (instead of the previous base-model T4) and the B5, replacing the T5 designation.

At the same time, Volvo confirmed as well that all of its models will feature the new Google infotainment system already present in several models, notably the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge electric models, as well as the XC60 SUV and the S90 and V90 Cross Country models. This system allows for greater connectivity between the car and home devices.

We can also expect certain trim levels to disappear from the product offerings of certain models, with buyers able to pick the inside-outside styling combos they want without having to opt for a more-expensive trim.

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Derek Boshouwers
Derek Boshouwers
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