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Will eye scanners be commonplace in new vehicles by 2020?

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At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January, VOXX Electronics Corporation introduced its Eyelock ID vehicle application in a Jeep Wrangler. While eye scanners may sound like science fiction, some people believe the technology could wind up in a number of cars by the end of the decade.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau explained how the system works in a recent feature. Built in the driver's sun visor is a device that scans your eye and identifies you in mere seconds, allowing you to not only start the car, but also access certain functions. For instance, upon identification, the system can automatically set seat and mirror positions, radio presets, or any other customized features offered by the vehicle. EyeLock ID will offer up to five registered users' access to the vehicle. 

Rental car companies may find this very useful to ensure those who rent a car are actually the ones driving it. Insurers are also showing some interest since EyeLock ID could help them assess the level of risk a driver represents on the road. Big Brother is never too far away...

Do you think the benefits of eye scan technology in cars outweigh the negatives?

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