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2008 Audi TT 3.2 quattro Road Test

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A successful comeback

When the first TT hit the streets, it was immediately applauded for its distinct, sensual, sexy sheetmetal. With its multiple curves and its sloping roofline, the initial TT turned heads wherever it went.

As years went by, we've gotten used to the TT, and other cute little sport coupes have come along, which kind of relegated the TT onto the back burner. Audi had to retaliate.

Here's the new 2008 TT. It's making a comeback, and is more beautiful and sexier than ever.

Modern yet timeless lines.

A true beauty

Unlike a certain young female pop singer that's desperately yet unsuccessfully trying to rekindle with past glory, the TT's return onto the stage gets a thumbs-up. Audi created a car that's visually more exciting than the old one, and it doesn't seem to have gained any weight.

It still features a streamlined roofline and more curves than a supermodel, and dressed up in red paint like my test car is, the TT never goes unnoticed.

While Audi had to retrofit a small rear spoiler on the rump of the first TTs to assure its high-speed stability, it's now articulated on the new model; at low speeds, it's flush-fit in the tail of the car, rising at 120 km/h and going back down at 80. It's always an exciting moment to see the spoiler deploying itself in the rear view mirror.

However, practicality and safety was neglected in favour of styling regarding the rear window; with its almost-flat angle, it would benefit from a rear wiper in rain or in winter, but it doesn't have one.

Tight cockpit
A warning to claustrophobics, this car is small, very small. I must perform a couple of body contortions to get in, and be careful not to bang my head at the same time. Once I'm in and sitting down, I feel like I'm in a can of sardines, and my head hits the rear view mirror while sneezing.

In short, with the diminutive size of the TT's interior, there's nothing much to do except drive. And that's a good thing, since it's something you'll love doing. The small steering wheel is perfect for spirited driving, the shifter works well, and the engine emits an aggressive sound when prodded.

Sports cars have never been the most spacious vehicles.