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2010 Mazda3 First Impressions

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Marina Del Ray, California--Certain phenomenons in life are fascinating. The Mazda3, for example, is unique in its genre. More than 5 years after its official launch, not only is this little car still successful, but its sales figures are progressing, to the detriment of rivals such as the Honda Civic.

The new Mazda3 will appear at the end of January, just like its 5-door version that will share its powertrains and accessories.

In addition, the popular compact is in fact the foundation of Mazda's global success. And this year, despite some troubled times, the success is even greater, since Mazda is heading for a record year with over 51,000 units sold in Canada alone. The new 3 will appear at the end of January, just like its 5-door version that will share its powertrains and accessories.

Still Zoom-Zoom
The new Mazda3's challenge, as Mazda admits represents more an evolution than a revolution, is to preserve the sporty personality that's so important for the brand; to keep the famous Zoom-Zoom advertising line that now applies to the whole vehicle line-up.

To get there, they get inspiration from design studies called Nagare, which Mazda presented in all major auto shows in the past couple of years. Nagare, or fluid in english, is in fact a complete philosophy that reunites curves to surfaces, and inspired by nature. A little strange, no doubt, but easy to recognize when we pay attention and observe the prototypes... and the new Mazda3, even if in this case, we needed some explanations from designer Jonathan Fryer to spot it.

Change through continuity
The new Mazda3 picks up the same theme than its predecessor, keeping the same wheelbase and almost every outside dimension. It's a few centimetres longer because of a longer front overhang and a longer trunk, and is larger by just a few millimetres. These extra proportions are found inside the cabin, which is larger; a more slightly rounder design is also responsible for that.

the Mazda3's headlight and taillight cluster design is inspired directly from the Nagare concept car, with engraved motifs inside.