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All Hail Muscle Cars!

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Guillaume Rivard
A domain only the Yanks have truly mastered

Sports cars are still alive and kicking, judging by their presence at auto shows around the world and on our roads and highways. The relatively low cost of fuel in recent years has helped the genre survive, but it’s worth noting another new trend: the move towards small-cylinder turbo engines.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve presented guides to 2017 convertibles and 2017 sports coupes on the Canadian market. Of all the available models, the celebrated muscle cars continue to generate strong interest, largely among two demographic groups: older consumers who want to relive a little bit of the glorious past, and younger drivers in their 30s, who came of age with the Fast and Furious movie franchise. These classic, even timeless, cars continue to make their niche in the marketplace.

The team at gives you the lowdown on current muscle car models that should titillate fans of performance cars and provide useful information for potential buyers.

We’ve included manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (without options); you can also consult our technical specs and read our most recent reviews, plus check out photos and videos sure to get you dreaming. Interested in a little muscle car history lesson? We’ve got that, too.

And we’re off!

Guillaume Rivard
Guillaume Rivard
Automotive expert