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Ford’s New Bronco Will Premiere Before Summer Hits

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Ford plans to present its long-awaited new Bronco before the end of spring.

Ford’s original plan was to unveil the new Bronco SUV to media this past February 16-18, in the form of two days’ worth of technical presentations.

The planned reveal was one of a series of such events that were cancelled in rapid succession as the coronavirus pandemic raged.

Ford and most other carmakers shut down assembly plants, as well as company offices. Now, manufacturers are planning a gradual re-opening of production operations. In this context, Ford says it still wants to officially present its Bronco SUV before the end of spring.

This news comes barely a day after reports that its launch would be delayed by several months due to the havoc played by the closings at factories. Ford has now confirmed to a number of publications that it intends to reveal the future rival to the Jeep Wrangler before the start of summer.

The only images of the Bronco we have to go on up until now are a few leaked images, so anticipation is high.

Ford spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz said the company will have more details on the presentations of its upcoming new models "once we have safely brought our factories and facilities back online."

Ford is optimistic about getting operations moving again before the end of spring, though the optimism is more tempered among governments and health experts.

That said, we’ve seen on numerous occasions since the start of the outbreak how things can evolve. Situations can change drastically from one day to the next. Many fingers are currently crossed that Ford’s plans for its Bronco and other models will go ahead as hoped. For one thing, it will mean the fight against COVID-19 is progressing well.

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