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Get Yer Red-Hot… Bronco Merchandise

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Ford will finally reveal to the world its new 2021 Ford Bronco next week, on July 13 to be precise. The model was originally supposed to make its debut in March, but the coronavirus put the kibosh on that idea. Then Ford set a new date for the premiere, July 9. That is, until someone pointed out that happens to be the birthday of noted Bronco driver O.J. Simpson.

All this time, of course, information about the model continued to pour out like water through a sieve. Next week, we’ll have the official goods on the model. But in the meantime, there are a host of other goods available to fans who just have to get close to the Bronco ASAP.

We’re talking about the large amount of Bronco merchandise already available for purchase on Amazon and other sites.

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Photo: Amazon

Which tells us two things. First, that Ford knows enthusiasm for the model is strong. Not only has the automaker created a line of products, it’s got a webpage dedicated to selling the merchandise. And second, that these days the profits made from selling units of a model account for only a part of the revenue that model can generate. No sense in not maximizing your cash cow, in other words.

As for the merch, well the only limit to it is the imagination of Ford’s marketing department. You can get Bronco-badged cups, glasses, keychains, cufflinks, flags, luggage tags, backpacks, apparel and mousepads. But our favourite? The retro turntable that features the design of the first Bronco’s fascia.

Happy shopping.

Bronco turntable, cup, cap
Photo: Ford
Bronco turntable, cup, cap