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Our Auto123 2024 Top Picks: The Best Luxury Electric Vehicles

The Genesis GV70 electrified | Photo: D.Boshouwers
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Daniel Rufiange
Here are our Auto123 Top Picks for 2024, in the categories of electric vehicles produced by luxury auto manufacturers.

•    Here are our Auto123 Top Picks for 2024, in the Luxury Electric Vehicle categories.

Each year, Auto123 selects its favourite vehicles in a host of distinct categories. As the categories evolve, so does the way we honour the industry's best models.

This year, we're adopting a new and improved formula. Rather than picking just one winner, we’re presenting you with what the auto journalists making up our jury have identified as the top three vehicles in each segment.

Regarding electric vehicles from luxury brands, we've grouped the models into two categories: cars and SUVs. Those will certainly split off into more specific categories in the coming years as the number of EVs on the market increases, but for now, this is where the industry is at.

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The best luxury electric cars

The market for luxury electric cars is beginning to be well-stocked, with proposals coming from the big brands, but also from manufacturers newer to the industry, whether Tesla or Lucid Motors.

And prices go in several directions, considering that some offer their more affordable models in all-electric versions, as well as their most expensive product.

Our choices reflect an appreciation of a given model's overall qualities, and its appeal to different types of buyers.

As a result, we find quite different vehicles in our top three: the BMW i4, Porsche Taycan and Polestar 2.

The 2023-24 BMW i4 eDrive35
The 2023-24 BMW i4 eDrive35 | Photo: BMW

With the I4, BMW has hit the nail on the head, as this product still comes in at under $60,000 in base configuration. And with a possible range of over 400 km, that's very acceptable. Value for money and luxury that's impossible to ignore.

The 2023-24 Polestar 2
The 2023-24 Polestar 2 | Photo: D.Boshouwers

The Polestar 2 remains relatively little-known, but make no mistake it know how to seduce those who get behind the wheel. Like BMW’s i4, the base configuration comes in at under $60,000, making it an attractive proposition. However, you have to like the sleek-to-a-fault interior and live with the fact that almost everything on board is touch-sensitive.

The 2023-24 Porsche Taycan GTS
The 2023-24 Porsche Taycan GTS | Photo: V.Aubé

And then there's the Porsche Taycan, which seems to be in a class of its own, much like all other Porsche products. The manufacturer's first electric car continues to impress with constant improvements and user-friendliness, not to mention performance. The price tag is high, though, which means the Taycan isn't for everyone.

The best luxury electric SUVs

When it comes to SUVs, the choice is starting to be even greater in the luxury segments. Three models nevertheless managed to win over our panelists, for a variety of reasons.

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq
The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq | Photo: B.Charette

The Cadillac Lyriq is now starting to become a more common site on Canadian roads. Built on General Motors' Ultium platform, the Lyriq’s first quality is that offers pretty good value – bang for buck if you will. In fact, in its class, it's far less expensive than its rivals, making it a natural choice.

The 2024 Genesis GV70 electrified
The 2024 Genesis GV70 electrified | Photo: D.Boshouwers

Although, in that respect it has serious competition from the Genesis GV70 electrified variant. The battery-powered version of the GV70 offered by Hyundai's luxury brand delivers an exemplary smooth ride and high-quality interior materials and finishing for a relatively reasonable price. Plus it’s a model that offers total discretions since it looks, to the rest of the world, virtually identical to its gasoline-powered sibling.

The 2023-24 BMW iX
The 2023-24 BMW iX | Photo: D.Boshouwers

The BMW iX, in contrast, has styling that screams “electric”. The SUV’s lines are a country mile from those of gasoline-powered BMWs, even if the signature is recognizable. On board, we're treated to the same kind of distinction, with a tasteful, futuristic presentation. What's perhaps most impressive about the iX is that it drives like a typical BMW product, a characteristic of all of the German automaker’s electric models that will please fans of the brand.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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