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A Nissan LEAF... as an EV Limo!

The Embassy Suites Nashville South Hotel will be the home of the world's first licensed and street legal all electric EV limo, according to the hotel's Sales Director, Trevor Goulding. When the hotel was searching for a new way to transport its guests, they opted for an electric vehicle - an obvious choice, given that most customer trips occur within an 8 kilometre radius. So, the hotel commissioned a Missouri-based company to convert a Nissan LEAF into a limousine.

Essentially, the LEAF-limo retains all the same features as the original. However, the battery pack was moved to the rear (as well as 400 lbs. added to the vehicle’s weight) for better balance and to make room for passengers. For a more luxurious interior, the passenger cab was outfitted with mirrors, genuine leather, and wood paneling. The limo can comfortably seat up to 8 adult passengers.

Nissan LEAF as an EV Limo
Photo: Nissan