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Cadillac Brings Back its Goddess

The Cadillac Goddess, close up | Photo: Cadillac
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Derek Boshouwers
The grand lady of hood ornaments is back to beautify the brand’s upcoming Celestiq EV
The Cadillac Goddess
The Cadillac Goddess | Photo: Cadillac

•    The Cadillac Flying Goddess is being revived - though not in hood ornament form.

•    The grand lady will make an appearance on and in the Celestiq, and possibly other future EVs.

•    Notably, it will feature on the exterior charge port, and light up when the vehicle is charging.

Cadillac is bringing back its Goddess to beautify at least one of its future EVs. The grand lady hood ornament figured prominently on various Cadillac models between 1930 and 1956, before disappearing from view for a variety of reasons, namely to do with changing trends, aerodynamics and cost.

Now, though, Cadillac has decided it can get value from its iconic Goddess. The female figure is making a comeback, not in the form of a hood ornament but as badging on the outside and inside of the upcoming Celestiq EV.

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The image of the Goddess on the the infotainment controller on the centre console of the Celestiq
The image of the Goddess on the the infotainment controller on the centre console of the Celestiq | Photo: Cadillac

The future bespoke model – each one of which will be hand-built and cost a few arms and legs – will feature the Goddess image on its exterior charge port; it will be lit up when the car is charging. It will be also included on a trim piece on the front quarter panel. Inside, it will be found within the infotainment controller on the centre console and on a plaque on the driver's side door sill.

The original Cadillac Goddess was designed by William N. Schnell of Ternstedt Manufacturing Company, a GM subsidiary and first appeared on the 1930 Cadillac V-16. It was redesigned in 1933 and again in 1941, its use spreading to other models in the lineup. After WWII, the icon was again updated, but it disappeared by the late 1950s as hood ornaments fell out of style.

The new Cadillac Goddess image set to appear on and in the Celestiq has been revised and modernized, though it retains a classical look.

Derek Boshouwers
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