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Cadillac Plans New Electric Sedan

Image du concept Opulent Velocity de Cadillac, 2024 | Photo: Cadillac
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Daniel Rufiange
The future EV could be inspired by the Opulent Velocity concept, unveiled this past March.

Even as SUVs continue to put cars out of business across much of the industry, some brands have not completely thrown in the towel. Take Cadillac, which reportedly is planning a new electric sedan as part of its longer-term plans.

The news was confirmed to the Drive media outlet by Mike Simcoe, the brand's head of design.

Technically, Cadillac does have an electric sedan about to launch, that’s true. The Celestiq is indeed a five-door car, but its price tag of around 350,000 USD puts it out of reach of 99 percent of consumers. Let’s assume Mike Simcoe was referring to something more accessible.

Accessible or not, the challenge remains, however. Sales of sedans are in the gutter. In the U.S., Cadillac sells just under 30,000 CT4s and CT5s annually.

But it's all a question of image, and Cadillac is nurturing its image well.

There’s no actual guarantee the new sedan, this even though Cadillac has committed to going all-electric by 2030. We’ve seen other automakers switch gears in response to market changes in recent months. Still, the logical powertrain for a future car would be an electric one.

It would make sense, however, for it to be all-electric.

There’s no word on when this new probably-electric sedan might see the light of day, but recall that last March Cadillac presented a clip showing a car speeding along, a vehicle identified as the Opulent Velocity concept.


This might be what Mike Simcoe was referring... or it might not. But if it is, a prototype may soon appear at an auto show or other event.

Until then, we'll be treated to a parade of new electric SUVs, including the Optiq, Escalade IQ and Vistiq.


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