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New Chevy Corvette C8 Falls off Lift at Dealership, Is Destroyed

Photo: jakeam3 / Instagram
Dealers will want to bone up on the anchor points of the new mid-engine Corvette Automotive expert , Updated:

The proud owner of one of the new eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvettes, the C8, had a very unpleasant surprise during a visit to the dealership. A hapless employee trying to raise the car on a lift saw it fall off and suffer significant damage.

The action wasn't intentional, of course, but that likely provided little solace to the new owner. Remember, productions delays, strike action and coronavirus-caused shutdowns have meant that only a lucky few buyers have actually been able to get their hands on the new Corvette C8 they ordered. Imagine, you’re feeling lucky to be among them, and then a dealer employee’s blunder leaves your new ride a wrecked heap on the floor.

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Florida resident Jake Anthony is the lucky/unlucky owner of this particular C8. Recently, during a service visit to the dealership, the employee responsible for lifting the car likely didn't know where the anchor points underneath the car were located. As a result, the car toppled off and sustained extensive damage in the process.

The dealer then added to the owner's misfortune by publishing pictures of the car without his consent. Jake Anthony reposted the same image of his car on his Instagram account with the following mention:

"Yes, this is my car. I did not want this to be shared publicly until after the dealer had the opportunity to correct this crappy situation. Apparently some idiots in their service department took it upon themselves to try and get some clout from my misfortune by taking pictures and sharing them without my consent. To the fellow C8 owners, please ensure your dealer is aware of the diagram in the second picture before you leave your car with them."

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Instructions for dealerships for lifting the Corvette C8
Instructions for dealerships for lifting the Corvette C8
Photo: jakeam3 / Instagram

Clearly, the dealer is responsible for the damage, but it appears that a brand-new 2021 Corvette Stingray in replacement may not be enough to satisfy the owner. Representatives from GM intervened in the case as well. In the comment section of his Instagram account, Jake Anthony wrote: "I've spoken with [GM] executives, I'm not interested in a new base model. I'm waiting for the Z06 for my next C8."

Will the company reserve a copy for him? Remains to be seen, but one thing you can take to the bank is that there will be very clear guidelines for lift operators when he shows up again with a Corvette C8 at a dealership. We can understand if Anthony remains wary when he does.

Hopefully this misadventure at the Florida dealership will serve as a lesson to help others avoid similar incidents at other dealerships.

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