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Electric GT-R and 370Z from Nissan? It’s Possible

A new report out of the U.K. says that Nissan is looking to put electric powertrains in the next-generation GT-R and next edition of the 370Z, the aging 2018 NISMO edition of which we just reviewed.

A Nissan marketing executive, Jean-Pierre Diernaz, told Top Gear magazine that the automaker wants 40% of its European sales to consist of electric vehicles by 2022. This follows recent announcements in the same vein by Volkswagen, Jaguar and Porsche.

The move to electrification means we can expect electric Qashqais in the near-future, but also adapted sporty models like the GT-R and the 370Z, which is overdue for a complete overhaul in any case.

 “I don’t see electrification and sports cars as technologies that are conflicting. Maybe it’s the other way around, sports cars can benefit lots from electrification.”

- Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Nissan

The executive wouldn’t provide any more details about the two sport models, but he did seek to reassure their fans that both would retain their essential characters, no matter what powertrains ultimately drive them. There have been rumours that Nissan is working conjointly with Mercedes-Benz on a successor to the current 370Z, and that it could get a hybrid powertrain in addition to 2.0L and 2.0L turbo engines.

Nissan 370Z NISMO
Photo: Nissan
Nissan 370Z NISMO