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Ford Mustang Pre-Owned

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Ford's Mustang, an adrenaline lover's used-car dream

There are more reasons than most can count as to why the Mustang outlived and outsold so many of its competitors--and just as many reasons you might be looking at a used one. Many people have owned a Mustang, or at least know someone who has. It's a popular car for those after an everyday ride that offers an above-average dose of performance, style and power at a reasonable price.

1991 Ford Mustang

Until the latest incarnation, nothing much had changed under the skin in several decades. For that reason, some say Mustang was a car which relied on cut-price engineering and production methods to keep its cost down, while enthusiasts will tell you that Ford had a good thing and left it alone.

Part of the appeal of Mustang has always been the selection it offered its owners--with a choice of several engines, coupe or convertible configurations and automatic or manual transmissions.

We'll focus on the more common choices for the driving enthusiast--the V8-powered coupes with the manual gearbox.

FoxBody (1979 to 1993)
When some gearhead mentions a 'five-point-oh' 'Stang, this is what they're usually talking about. The engine is a simple and proven five-litre V8 (actually 4.9 litres in displacement), with output rated at up to 225 horsepower. A 235-horsepower Cobra model was available late in this generation's life.

The stock engine has appreciable low-end torque, though it gets winded over about 4,000 revs. No mater. By the time that pesky rice-burner's revs get high enough to start moving, you'll be three lights ahead in your five-point-oh.

If looking for a used FoxBody, be sure to do a good check through the car's interior--as over time, plastic panels, switches, and levers can become very loose or broken.

Mustang owner Craig Mackinnon gives a few recommendations for inspecting a used model like the 1991 which he daily-drives and races on weekends.

"Check the A-pillars for signs of cracking from abuse. If the car was beaten on, it'll usually show up there. Also, make sure the torque boxes (where the rear control arms bolt to the body) aren't rotten."

1993 Ford Mustang