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Ford Recalls 1,175 2022 Mach-E EVs

| Photo: Ford
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Daniel Rufiange
This time, it 's not Ford that's directly responsible for the recall, it should be noted. Still, the campaign adds to an already long list

Ford is once again facing a recall regarding its all-electric Mach-E model. This time, the campaign affects a limited number of 2022 units. It is necessary because of a potential defect related to the rear axle.

On the affected units, an incorrect positioning in the lathe during the first turning operation at a supplier resulted in a substandard wall thickness on the right rear half shaft.

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According to Ford, the error occurred, and let's hope it doesn't become an industry-wide reality, because of a labour shortage. Specifically, the supplier had suspended its usual inspection of the bottom wall thickness of each half-shaft, simply because it was short on manpower. This resulted in non-compliant shafts being sent to another supplier that deals directly with Ford.

In late July, workers at the Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico, that builds the Mach-E, discovered the problem on two units, leading Ford's internal engineering teams to investigate and issue a recall.

And what is the consequence of a defective half-shaft? It can break under load, which can lead to a loss of power or allow the vehicle to move when parked if the electronic parking brake is not activated.     

Of the 1,175 Mach-Es potentially affected, Ford says most have not yet been sold. The automaker says no injuries or fatalities have been reported because of the problem. The automaker has already notified several owners through the FordPass app and will send a letter in the mail by Sept. 19.

The solution is to visit the dealership to have the shaft inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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