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Hyundai: Find Love With the IONIQ and Peace in Traffic Jams With the Sonata

Hyundai recently launched two marketing campaigns for mobile devices and television in order to promote its latest sedan models.

First, the all-new 2017 IONIQ appears on sponsored Tinder profiles—a first for the popular dating app. The idea is to remind Canadians that they shouldn't settle in picking a car or partner, and they might just find the 'whole package' in the one they least expect.

"The IONIQ offers an engaging driving experience, has an incredibly advanced powertrain, and is an incremental addition to our product lineup which presented us with an opportunity to do something new from a marketing perspective," said Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada. "It got us thinking about other experiences that surprise people and involve first impressions, getting to know someone or something new, and potentially making decisions with long-term implications. We're all looking for the right combination of traits when it comes to dating or car shopping. In the car shopping world, the IONIQ can be that surprise."

Canadians can also participate in the Hyundai Ultimate Date contest from July 31 to August 31. Just "swipe right" on the app when you see the Hyundai-promoted profiles for celebrities Jasmine Lorimer and Joey Scarpellino or visit the dedicated website,

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Meanwhile, the redesigned 2018 Hyundai Sonata shows how it can help millions of North American drivers stuck in traffic every day. It may not shorten your commute, but it can certainly help make it sweeter.

In the following commercial titled Duet, a happy Sonata owner sings Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond while in the middle of a traffic jam. The focus is on the car’s upscale and freshened interior filled with premium amenities, as well as its numerous confidence-inspiring preventive safety features like Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

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