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New Volkswagen Golf coming this Thursday; countdown continues with Part 7

We are getting excitingly close to the world premiere of the new Volkswagen Golf, which will take place this Thursday, November 10th.

The presentation in Wolfsburg, Germany will be broadcast live on YouTube from 6:30 am to about 7:00 am EST, so get up early, grab your morning coffee, and watch. If you miss it, come back to during the day to get all the juicy details and pictures.

Today, the countdown ends with a look back at the Golf MkVII (seventh generation), globally introduced in the fall of 2012. It was the first Volkswagen based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB) platform, and it proved to be more connected with its environment than ever, establishing a new type of digital display and control elements in the segment and bringing assistance systems from the luxury class into the compact class.

Of course, it’s also this generation that launched the all-electric e-Golf in select markets.

In case you missed our spotlights on the second-generation Golf (MkII), third-generation Golf (MkIII), fourth-generation Golf (MkIV), fifth-generation Golf (MkV), and sixth-generation Golf (MkVI), as well as the overview of the Golf’s safety evolution and its many variants over the years, you should definitely check them out now.

We hope you’ll appreciate the following video from VW. As mentioned, come back on Thursday for our complete coverage of the launch of the next-gen Volkswagen Golf.