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Rivian’s Electric Trucks Will Be Able to Charge Each Other

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Independent EV company Rivian has earned itself a ton of press since it previewed its first model at the Los angeles Auto Show last November. The firm, currently hard at work on its R1T pickup and R1S SUV, has gotten big investments from Amazon and Ford to help it being its ambitions to fruition

Gradually, we are starting to get a more detailed picture of the first model planned by the company. The R1T pickup, we’re told this week, will be able to recharge other R1Ts.

The company’s head RJ Scaringe has confirmed that the truck can be fitted with an auxiliary battery to help extend their range is they’re far from a recharging station.

Installing this emergency unit is easy, the company promises, so that it can be done by vehicle owners. The patent for the system was registered by Rivian this past February.

Photo: Rivian

It’s worth noting, however, that the company is not talking about doubling the range of the R1T. The idea here is that one owner could help out another in a pinch.

It’s estimated that at launch the R1T will have a range of 400 km using a massive 180 kWh battery.

RJ Scaringe didn’t specify how much energy could be transferred from one vehicle to another. We imagine it will be somewhat limited, the idea being as mentioned to provide an emergency charge. But the idea is to be saluted nonetheless.

We’ll know more as the launch date for the model approaches. Production of the Rivian R1T is set to begin next year in Illinois.