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Top 30 Models Expected in 2021-2022: The SUVs (and Pickups)

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Vincent Aubé
Consumers keep clamouring for more utility models, and automakers keep obliging them

Auto123 takes out its crystal ball and presents the 30 most notable models that will be arriving in 2021-2022, and even 2023. Today, the SUVs (and pickups)!

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We are now on the third chapter of our longing gaze into the future. We’ve looked at the most exciting cars and electric vehicles to come, and we've now arrived at where most automotive buyers currently are: the SUV and pickup segments. Needless to say, SUVs and crossovers are in demand these days, and light-duty trucks continue to build on their rabid fanbase. And as electric mobility grows in prominence within the automotive industry, we can expect an electro-utility mix in a few seasons. Let's take a look at what's in store in the next year or two., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo Tonale, three-quarters front
Alfa Romeo Tonale, three-quarters front | Photo: Alfa Romeo

The new Stellantis group that emerged from the merger of FCA and PSA is keen to ensure the survival of the Italian brand. Indeed, contrary to FCA's previous strategy, it seems that they want to give Alfa Romeo a real second life. And this second life comes through the addition of a more compact crossover than the Stelvio, something similar to the Tonale concept of 2019.

It’s also expected that the new small SUV will become the Italian division's first plug-in hybrid vehicle. We’re feeling like this small crossover will prove to be quite beneficial for Alfa Romeo.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale, three-quarters rear
Alfa Romeo Tonale, three-quarters rear | Photo: Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo Tonale, front
Alfa Romeo Tonale, front | Photo: Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo Tonale, interior
Alfa Romeo Tonale, interior | Photo: Alfa Romeo
Vincent Aubé
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