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Toyota C-HR Prologue Concept: First Glimpse of a Model… Not Coming to Canada

2023 Toyota C-HR | Photo: Toyota
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Daniel Rufiange
In Canada the C-HR is dead, but in Europe it will continue on with a new generation
2023 Toyota C-HR - Concept
2023 Toyota C-HR - Concept | Photo: Toyota

•    Toyota has presented a concept showing what the second generation of the C-HR SUV will look like.

•    A new plug-in hybrid version will be added to the European offering.

•    Here at home, the Corolla Cross will have helped end the C-HR's Canadian run.

The Toyota C-HR has a somewhat unusual history. The small SUV was first produced as a concept by Toyota’s nascent Scion youth-market-oriented brand. That brand never really took off, and when Toyota finally abandoned it, it recovered the C-HR once it reached the production phase. 

Which explains why its styling was different and flashier than what Toyota generally offered. 

Seven years after its debut, the time has come for a second generation of this model. At least, in Europe. In our market, with the arrival of the Corolla Cross, many doubted that we would see a second generation of the C-HR on our market. This week came confirmation that the model will not be back in 2023.

But its journey continues elsewhere. Here’s what was presented in Europe this week: a concept that previews the second generation of the C-HR. 

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2023 Toyota C-HR - Profile
2023 Toyota C-HR - Profile | Photo: Toyota

The C-HR Prologue concept is the product of the automaker's European design development centre. Its designers conceived the first-generation model, and so we can see some continuity with the design of the follow-up. 

Once again, the design is bold, and there is a notable evolution as well.

The new design features even shorter, sharply cut overhangs, but also clean sides, and a three-colour approach. The new images of the concept show respect of the earlier design study it’s based on, but with more-streamlined contours. The production model should look more or less like what we see here. 

The big news for the second generation is the addition of a plug-in hybrid powertrain, components of which are borrowed from the new Prius Prime. That version joins the two hybrid models that have been offered on the European market for several years now. One offers 122 hp with a 1.8L engine, the other 184 hp with a 2.0L unit. 

Toyota didn't say anything about the battery capacity of the plug-in hybrid model, only that the battery packs will be built in Europe. 

The production version of this new C-HR is likely to be presented for the European market in 2023 for the 2024 model-year.   

2023 Toyota C-HR - Three quarter back
2023 Toyota C-HR - Three quarter back | Photo: Toyota
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