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10 Vehicles Offering Best UX for 2017

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The exterior design of a car is a strong influencer for consumers - that much is clear and has long been so. But equally clear is that owners spend much more time driving their car than looking at it from the outside. Hence the importance of UX, or user experience.

Last year WardsAuto magazine published its first-ever ranking of the ten vehicles offering the best experience for users. The 2017 edition of the list is now available, and once again it reveals that mass-market vehicles are holding their own quite well versus the luxury models, thank you very much.

Ergonomics, comfort and ease of use are the main criteria, and especially relevant to today’s drivers when you consider the multitude of technologies that are now present in new vehicles: touchscreens, electronic drive assist systems, smartphone integration, and on and on. The less interactions between the driver and his vehicle are a source of frustration, the more pleasant the driver experience becomes.

Here then are the ten vehicles offering the best user experience in the industry, according to WardsAuto. Click on the links to discover more about each of them:

Earlier this year, WardsAuto also published its ranking of the 10 best vehicle interiors. Check it out and let us know which ones get your motor running!

Subaru Impreza
Photo: Subaru
Subaru Impreza