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Tokyo 2023: A Preview of the Motor Show

Logo of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show | Photo: Japan Mobility Show
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Derek Boshouwers
The Japan Mobility Show as it’s now called gets underway next week

The Tokyo Auto Show – now known as the Japan Mobility Show – gets underway next week. During the media days which take place before doors open to the public, there will be a series of presentations of new products. And it’s looking like this 2023 edition promises to be relatively busy. Here’s an overview of the models that will be presented in Tokyo.

Toyota: in full catch-up mode

Toyota will present two electric concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Toyota FT-Se is a sports car with spectacular lines, at least if we go by the first images shared this week. The Toyota FT-3 is an SUV, the dimensions of which remain unknown for the moment.

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Toyota FT-Se Concept
Toyota FT-Se Concept | Photo: Toyota
Toyota FT-3 Concept
Toyota FT-3 Concept | Photo: Toyota

Lexus and the premium electrified experience

Lexus will use the occasion of the Japan Mobility Show to unveil a range of battery-electric concept models. The company's goal is to become a brand entirely dedicated to electric vehicles by 2035.

At the luxury brand’s kiosk, visitors will also find interactive experiences and check out elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics, such as sustainable bamboo, to symbolize the brand's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Lexus electric concept
Lexus electric concept | Photo: Nissan
Lexus electric concept, from above
Lexus electric concept, from above | Photo: Nissan

A handful of new concepts from Nissan

Nissan has been preparing the terrain for weeks with virtual presentations. The Japanese manufacturer will unveil four new ultra-futuristic SUV concepts on its home turf during the event. Three have already been presented online: The Nissan Hyper Urban, Nissan Hyper Adventure and Nissan Hyper Tourer. There remains the Nissan Hyper Punk concept, which should be shown in the coming days.

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Nissan Hyper Urban concept
Nissan Hyper Urban concept | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Hyper Adventure concept
Nissan Hyper Adventure concept | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Hyper Tourer concept
Nissan Hyper Tourer concept | Photo: Nissan

A new sporty Subaru

Subaru will unveil a new Sport Mobility concept at the show. This is an electric sports car with lines and design elements clearly inspired by the past. At Subaru, as with most other carmakers, the sports cars of the future will be electric.

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Subaru Sport Mobility Concept
Subaru Sport Mobility Concept | Photo: Subaru

Mazda: A tasty concept with an MX-5 flavour

It's the same at Mazda, which will unveil a new electric concept which is clearly inspired by the small MX-5. In fact, the theme at Mazda’s kiosk will be the MX-5. The company has already confirmed that models from different generations will be present, just like this new concept.

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2025 Mazda MX-5
2025 Mazda MX-5 | Photo: Mazda

Honda: an electric supercar

Just like Subaru and Mazda, Honda is – at least partially - about electric sportiness this year in Tokyo. The Japanese auto giant will present the Specialty Sports Concept, which is inspired by the Acura NSX and is intended to become in production format as a replacement for this sports car. Another sporty concept is a possibility for the show, one that could revive the S2000 name at Toyota.

Honda/Acura sporty concepts
Honda/Acura sporty concepts | Photo: Honda

These flamboyant models will be alongside another much more modest concept on the Honda stand, the Sustaina-C Concept. This cute prototype is in a way the 2023 version of the Honda-e, and it stands out for being made from recycled acrylic resin.

Honda Sustaina-C Concept
Honda Sustaina-C Concept | Photo: Honda


The German automaker will be in Tokyo with the new redesigned X2, an SUV unveiled virtually last week. Alongside it there will also be the new electric version the iX2, which unfortunately is not planned for the North American market, at least for the moment.

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2024 BMW X2 and iX2
2024 BMW X2 and iX2 | Photo: BMW

Suzuki, still present

The Japanese manufacturer will present a variety of vehicles intended for different uses, including individual travel, commercial delivery and urban transport.

No suprise, electrification is front and centre. The brand will present two electric concepts, the eVX SUV and the eWX, a type of mini-minivan.

Suzuki eVX and eWX concepts
Suzuki eVX and eWX concepts | Photo: Suzuki
Suzuki Spacia and Spacia Custom concepts
Suzuki Spacia and Spacia Custom concepts | Photo: Suzuki

Suzuki will also show three small vehicles, including one designed for delivery (the Suzuki e EVERY) and two micromobility solutions (the Suzuki Spacia and Suzuki Custom Concept), as well as introduce innovations in the field of green mobility, including an off-grid electric outboard motor for boats and a cargo cart powered by a fuel cell.

Finally, at the Suzuki booth there will be the new Swift concept, a modernized version of its small car sold in many global markets.

Suzuki Swift concept
Suzuki Swift concept | Photo: Suzuki

Technological and ecological focus 

The show promises to emphasize technology and ecology, setting the stage for future mobility innovations. These updates reflect a broader trend in the automotive industry toward exploring new technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of modern mobility while reducing the environmental footprint.

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